Born in the UK

Lives and works in Berlin



Between nature and incident

Wendy Taylor is drawn to an odd beauty in the every day. She offers a rare combination of wonder and detachment in seemingly unremarkable appearances, like the corner of a room, a friend in a chair, the back of a cat. She presents these as self-evident yet somehow other. There is a quiet tension and a strong sense of the uncanny, captured in an intimate way, offering environments that could be sets for vivid dreams.

Reality is captured in such a way that it is unclear as to whether something real or constructed is presented. A potted plant with a worryingly small amount of leaves, or even wild nature can attain absurd qualities. A boulder, disproportionately large, balancing against thin trees, or a field of grass so soft it looks washed and artificial, become objects and spaces to ponder.

Often nature is portrayed in such a way that the question of human involvement is questioned. When seeing grass that is strangely indented, it is uncertain if we are witnessing an afterworld, with traces of something that happened, or if we are awaiting the arrival of something or someone yet unknown. Nature and spaces are presented like almost empty stages for actions that have already taken place or could take place any time soon.

The world of Wendy Taylor therefore hovers securely and evocatively between nature and incident.

Maria Barnas